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Nice-Tende - vintage

Between Nice, Breil sur Roya and Tende, you can admire the magnificent mountain landscapes and the works built to cross them, following the “Train des Merveilles” circuit.

poster The Center-Var Tourist Train Association organizes an exceptional trip on bord a vintage train on the Nice - Coni (Italy) line.

Between Nice, Breil sur Roya and Tende, you can admire the magnificent mountain landscapes and the structures built to cross them, by following the “Train des Merveilles” circuit.

Line of Wonders

poster The line of wonders (Nice - Breil-sur-Roya - Tende) is perhaps one of the most spectacular in the south-east of France, with the magnificent mountain landscapes and structures built to cross them.
Located near the Italian border, it also bears traces of the region's turbulent history.

More information on the line and its construction.

Breil sur Roya

Located on the edge of a river, part of which has been converted into an artificial lake in the city itself, Breil is 25 km from the Mediterranean, one hour from Casterino, departure point for the Vallée des Merveilles or other high mountain excursions. and 1 hour from the ski slopes.

The village of Breil sur Roya . You can bring a picnic or eat in one of the restaurants in the village ( list ).

Among the curiosities not to be missed are the many fountains and its very rich religious and military heritage. Do not forget to visit either the old oil mill of A coupéra or the transport ecomuseum , located near the station.


In Tende, nature and people have shaped an extraordinary landscape.
You can bring a picnic or eat in one of the restaurants in the village .
Tende is a village whose architectural heritage is very rich in its past , but also culturally alive.
Do not miss in particular to visit the departmental museum of Wonders , the museum of honey and bee or the musée d'art populaire .

Information and conditions

Rolling stock

For this trip, our association uses our X4900 railcar, 3 boxes. We remind you that this train is maintained and cleaned by a team of volunteers, please do not damage it.

On board the train

Do not under any circumstances attempt to open the doors without having been invited to do so by the volunteers and wait for the train to come to a complete stop before getting off during the planned stops at the station. Do not throw anything out of the train and avoid sticking your head through the windows, our routes are often well supplied with vegetation ... and the branches are not always tender!

In the SNCF rights-of-way

We operate on the national rail network, owned by SNCF. At the station, stay on the platforms and do not venture into the rights-of-way to which access is prohibited, this behavior is punishable by a fine and a prison sentence. Do not try to cross the tracks outside the planned passages and stay away from the edge of the platform, our train is not alone on the rails.

Placement on the train

In the train used, each seat is marked with a car and a seat number. Places are allocated so that each family is together. If you are traveling with several families or groups of friends, please let us know at least 15 days before departure so that you can be together!

Sanitary protocol

Provisions related to the COVID-19 epidemic
For your comfort and everyone's health, here are the arrangements in place for the circulation of Santa Claus trains.

1 - Wearing a mask is compulsory on the platform, on board the train and at the station, for all older children aged 11 and over.
2 - Hydroalcoholic gel is available on board the train.
3 - The train will have been disinfected in the morning and volunteers will perform quick cleaning of certain parts of the train during the day (door handles, handrails, armrests, shelves, ...).
4 - On board the train, the seats are organized in 2 rows of 2 seats, separated by a wide central corridor and 7 “family” benches. Each passenger will therefore have an individual seat or a 3-seater family bench. So you won't be on top of each other.
5 - Seats will be allocated by family or groups (when you want to travel together, with friends or other members of your family who have booked separately, please let us know by email at You are traveling alone , a 3 or a 5. The remaining places will not be occupied.

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